April 22, 2018

Shop D+E+I marketplace

Shop D+E+I marketplace

Did you know that you can support D+E+I by shopping? Yes, that’s right! You read it right!

Whenever you you shop online check out the D+E+I marketplace and see what might be there for you! There are all the tools available that you would expect from a major online retail store. For example you can:

Create an account

Make a wish list

Ask our shopping assistant, Simon, to help you find the product that you are looking for

Create an online wallet and refill it as needed

Compare Items

See Upcoming Products

Buy and Use Gift Cards

Earn Rewards Points

Use Coupons

Choose your Delivery Date

Pay with Apply Pay

Login with a social media account

Purchase Tickets to Events

Make a Bid on an Auction

Request and purchase a Requiem Mass

Purchase Digital Downloads

Pay for a subscription

Get a Free Download

And MORE….